McLean Model 1100

Production & Second Operation Lathe

In the spectrum of lathes, from hand operated to CNC, we feel we’ve developed an affordable compromise.


Versatility & Efficiency

The McLEAN MODEL 1100 is a 6 axis production lathe. The McLean Model 1100 was developed specifically for production machining. The controller works in both semi automatic and automatic modes.


6 axis production lathe

The Model 1100 can be placed alongside a CNC lathe, screw machine or molding machine to allow the operator to perform a second operation. The Model 1100 is standard with a Front Relieving Slide, Rear Relieving Slide, and a Box & L Tail Slide. Other slides, including our heavy-duty slides, are also available. McLean slides are air-powered with hydraulically controlled feed.

These controllers can individually actuate six different motions and have internal capacity for additional loading signals that can be used for automation. Spindle speeds can be preset for each slide action, in both forward and reverse directions during the same cycle. A batch counter can stop the machine after a preset number of pieces has run, which is optimal for inspecting quality or when used with a bar feed. The parts-per-hour rate is calculated every minute and constantly displayed. The controller includes a setup mode and storage for several programs.



  • Spindle Speeds: 60-2000 RPM Variable Std. – 3000 RPM Optional

  • Spindle Construction: Single Piece with Precision Ball Bearings

  • Spindle Capacity: 26.9 mm (1-1/16”) Diameter Thru-Spindle with 5C Collet

  • Spindle Drive Motor: 1 HP

  • Brake: Electronic

  • Dovetail Width: 85.73mm (3-3/8”)

  • Spindle Centerline to Dovetail: 114.30mm (4-1/2”)

  • Length of Bed from Face of Spindle: 330mm (13”)

  • Swing Over Bed: 228mm (9”)

  • Maximum Part Diameter: 152mm (6”)

  • Overall Height: 1,460mm (57-1/2”)

  • Overall Width: 889mm (35”)

  • Overall Length: 1,009mm (39-3/4”)

  • Power Requirements: 220 VAC – 50/60 Hz Single Phase

  • Air Requirements: 5.5 – 7 BAR (80 – 100 PSI)