McLean Inc.

Established 1964

Precision Dovetail Slides
Production Lathes
locket Installation


Dovetail Slides

McLean precision Dovetail Slides are used for accurate linear motion with the stability of a cast iron surface.

Dovetail slides typically have a larger contact area as compared to fewer contact points of other style slide systems, providing a high stiffness and load bearing capacity.

These popular dovetail slides are easily machined for mounting and tooling and can accommodate a wide range of needs.

Dovetail Slide CAD Files Now Available


Made In The USA


Production Lathes

McLean manufactures production lathes for the simpler, high volume turning applications.

Excellent for secondary operations on die cast parts, plastic molded parts, screw machine parts, and cold headed parts.

Grooving, turning, chamfering, deburring, facing, counterboring, gate trimming.


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Lockset Installation Kit

Kits for the installation of residential locksets. Simply clamp the fixture to the door and use the guided bits to drill the door & jam.