Lock Installation Kit #1055

Easily Locate, Drill And Mortise Wooden Doors for Locksets



Tools Included With Kit

  • Drill Jig With Self Centering Screw,

    Side Bronze Guide Brushing,

    And 2-Position Backset #1055

  • 1” Auger Bit #1034

  • 1 1/2” Spur Bit 1035

  • 2 1/8” Spur Bit #1036

  • Dead Bolt Locator #1020

  • Mortising Tools: #1006, #1007, #1008

  • Quick Change Drill Adaptor #1037

  • Strike Locator #1039

  • 1 ½” Reducer Bushing #1015


How To Use This Easy Lock Installation Kit

Complete Instructions Included With The Kit


1. Install 2 1/8" Bit into side support bushing.


2. Place over edge of door at desired height.


3. Snap on Quick Change Adaptor.

4. Drill 2 1/8" hole, then quickly change to the 1" bit and drill the latch hole.


5. Slide the Strike Locater into the latch hole.

Close door. Then push the locator into the jam, marking the spot to drill the door jam.


6. After drilling the jam, use the Mortising tools on the jam and edge of door.


7. For Dead Bolts, Install 1 1/2" Reducer Bushing into opposite hole.

8. Slide the Dead Bolt Locator into lockset hole.


9. Place the 1 1/2" bit in the side bushing.

Tighten the Jig on top edge of locator and drill the hole in the side. Then switch to the 1" bit and drill the hole in the end.

Finish up by mortising the edge.